New Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread

Daily Draw: New Moon in Virgo Spread

A little late, but here it is. This is where it all started. This is the new moon in Virgo spread I learned about through Biddy Tarot on August 30th. According to Brigit, the new moon in Virgo was the perfect time to ask the cards about mastery of skills and offering of expertise to others. 

I’d been studying the cards non-stop and practising with daily draws on myself and on anyone within my circle of friends and family who would let me read for them. I was starting to think a tarot business didn’t sound impossible, but the idea of putting myself out there when I couldn’t boast the same level of experience with the cards as other readers in the area was pretty scary. Was I really ready? Was I being over confident in my abilities? Would a “real” reader see right through my inexperience and call foul and fraud? What if I hurt someone who came to get a reading?

It was time to consult my cards using the Biddy Tarot New Moon in Virgo spread. 

1. What needs my focus and attention right now? The knight of wands is me. Full of passion and energy and ready to charge right into this new and exciting adventure of starting a tarot business. I’m pumped. I’m ready to make a move and I need to figure out the next steps.

​2. How can I improve my career? The three of wands reversed. The time to set my plans in motion is now! I’m holding myself back with the negative self talk, and playing it safe. My fears need to be put aside. The time is now!

​3. How can I improve my health? Nine of wands. (Are we seeing a pattern? I get wands all the time when I read for myself). I can improve my health, mental health as I see it, by facing my fears about starting a business and just doing it. Have a little courage!

​4. How can I best serve at this time? Four of pentacles. I can best serve by exercising self control as I start this tarot adventure. I see the four of pentacles, in this position, telling me to be thoughtful and deliberate as I start this process and to really plan how I want to proceed. It’s also a warning not to be focused on “making money” but to focus on continuing to learn and grow and help others through tarot. 

​5. How can I bring a greater sense of order to my life? The Fool! This is the card I’d been waiting for. This was the sign to take the leap of faith and start Veil and Vow Tarot. I can bring order to my life by doing the work I feel called to do. I need to answer the call. What’s more the fool is looking right into the next card, the queen of pentacles, indicating her energy is what I need to be jumping into. 

​6. What is my highest intention for my self-mastery? The queen of pentacles. The ultimate working mom! She cultivates abundance in all things and walks the balance of mom and entrepreneur (mom-trepreneur). She looks at the fool, the fool looks at her, it’s time to put myself out there. It’s time to start this tarot adventure.  

I’m so glad I listened to my intuition with this spread. I’ve never felt more alive and in alignment with my career. I’m taking huge steps and putting myself out there, and though it’s still a little scary, I haven’t regretted taking this leap for an instant. Big things are coming soon, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

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