What questions should I ask my tarot reader?

That’s an excellent question. The best questions for your tarot reader are open ended. I know we’re tempted to ask yes/no questions like, will I find true love? Will I get that new job I applied for? Am I going to win the lottery? I don’t know. What have you been doing to look for true love? How did your interview go? Did you buy a lottery ticket? 

Tarot is best used when questions are open ended. What can I do to bring love into my life? What should I focus on in my career? What blocks my financial success? These are all much better questions for us to explore together because open ended questions generate discussion, and discussion helps you to come to those epiphany moments and make plans to move forward. Here’s a list of potential questions for you to explore in a tarot reading (these could be applied to love, career, finances or whatever situation requires further examination):

  • What do I need to know or focus on?
  • What blocks my success/creativity?
  • I have a few choices ahead of me. What do I need to know before I choose?
  • What am I not seeing/What’s holding me back?
  • Where is my energy best utilized?
  • What cycles am I repeating?
  • How can I make the most out of this situation?
  • How can I move forward?
  • What are my strengths?

One thought on “What questions should I ask my tarot reader?

  1. So true! Open ended questions result in much more clarity in interpreting the spread.

    If I know I’m getting a reading, I like to craft my question in advance. Helps me focus!

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