Welcome to Veil and Vow Tarot

My name is Allison Sasso, and I’m excited to help you explore yourself through the cards. I believe that tarot is a tool for self examination, a way to lift the veil on our subconscious. The tarot card archetypes help you see yourself from a different perspective. Maybe you’re struggling with a situation at work, or are wondering what you’re clinging to that you need to let go. Perhaps you want to know how you can strengthen a relationship, or you need clarity on the path to achieving a goal or making a choice. I am happy to be your guide!

I also want to make tarot visible and more common in everyday life! I believe that tarot is for everyone. It doesn’t have to be some huge scary mystery. Tarot allows for gentle curiosity and exploration of ourselves, but it can also be really fun! Let’s explore the story in the cards. Let’s talk about you!