Why “Veil and Vow”? There are a few reasons I landed on the name Veil and Vow Tarot.

The Veil

I believe that tarot is an excellent tool for “lifting the veil” on the subconscious mind. The cards (or runes) serve as stepping stones, mirrors, and portals into our deepest thoughts, fears, and desires. They help us piece together the messages trying to come through just beneath the surface, and we can use that information to connect with our intuition. From there you can create a plan of action toward achieving your goals. We just need to embody The Fool and take that leap of faith.

The Vow

When I first mustered the courage to read for my friends I gave a reading to a girlfriend who was in a really dark place at the time. Her life was full of stress about work, and taking night classes for a new certification, and she’d been incredibly down for months. The reading reflected all of that, and worse, it cast her as her own worst enemy. She was the thief of her own joy. I saw that and I hesitated. I decided to sugar coat the reading and make it seem less damning because I didn’t want to add to her stress levels. I felt awful afterward. I lied to a friend! I called her the next morning and told her the truth about the reading. She already knew everything I was saying was true- she knew she was a vortex of negativity. It was in that moment that I vowed to always tell the truth about what the cards said, even if it was hard to hear. We need to hear the hard truths to make progress toward being better humans and aligning with our goals and ambitions. 

Let’s Talk About You!

As your reader, I want to talk about you- your thoughts, blocks, feelings, goals, and dreams! I approach readings from a mentor or coaching standpoint. I can give you all the information I see, but what you do with it is up to you. I am not responsible nor liable for any actions, inaction, or events that take place after your reading. That being said, there are many things I can read and some that I can’t. A Veil and Vow reading is best used for:

  • Connecting with your subconscious
  • Problem solving and overcoming challenges
  • Critical thinking and creativity blocks
  • Making plans that align with your wants/needs/desires/higher calling
  • Self exploration
  • Spiritual consultation