I’m Allison Sasso, owner of Veil and Vow Tarot, your personal tarot reader in Kansas City. I provide tarot, rune, mini astrology and numerology readings to clients for insight, entertainment, and introspection. I’m excited to help you explore yourself through these mediums.

My readings are all about you. The tarot cards or runes facilitate our conversation about what’s happening in your life. We can look at your life path according to numerology and the cards, and discover your gifts, talents, and possible challenges. I strive to help you explore yourself with gentle curiosity and I vow to be real, honest, and fun. 

Veil and Vow Tarot was voted runner up in The Pitch Best of KC 2022 in the category “Best Psychic Readings”- we’re #2! I have been working to make tarot more visible as a tool for self reflection by taking it to the streets- wineries, breweries, festivals and beyond- since 2019. When I’m not slinging cards, I’m with my husband, son, and 85 pound rescue dog, Zuko, or running a tabletop RPG with my friends.

I have a bachelor of science in geography, and a Master of Arts in Teaching, and I bring my teaching and coaching experience to my readings. This makes the experience clear, relatable, encouraging, and positive. I hope I can be of service to you as your reader, teacher, or otherwise. Let’s talk about you!

Allison Sasso Veil and Vow Tarot