Hello! I’m Allison Sasso- Kansas City based intuitive tarot reader and RPG enthusiast. I have a bachelor of science degree in geography from Northwest Missouri State University (Go Bearcats!) and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Park University (Go Pirates!). I taught and coached at Northwest Middle School in KCK for four years (Go Tigers!).

Teaching is a calling- we are called to be of service to others as guides and mentors. I loved being in the classroom connecting with students, and I got to where I wasn’t half bad at making learning fun, but now that calling has shifted for me. I still want to be a guide and mentor, but I want to reach people through tarot. That’s kind of a leap isn’t it? From teacher to tarot reader. 

I can’t boast 20 years of experience with the cards, but I do have those two degrees and a teaching background that all prove I can learn- and quickly. Like teaching, tarot is an art that requires constant study and practice. I feel like I’ve gone as far as I can practising on myself, my friends, and family. There’s only so many times a week you can read for your mom, or husband, or brother, or best friends who just want to game together. I’m ready to explore and work with you. 

When I’m not studying tarot I’m hanging with the coolest kid on the planet, playing Werewolf the Apocalypse with my pack, slaying at trivia night, or watching terrible movies with my loving husband (MST3K style). I’m an Aquarius with a full moon in Leo if you’re into that sort of thing. I love reading a variety of genres, but a huge guilty pleasure is paranormal romance novels as ridiculous as you can find.