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Aren’t tarot readers all the same?

The short answer is: no. There you have it, article over!

If you’re still here, that means you want to know if there’s more to it. There is! Tarot readers are all completely different. Think about being in school- there were teachers you loved, and teachers whose classes you didn’t care for. People are all different no matter what profession you attach to them, and this applies to tarot readers too. Let me break down the types I’ve come across…

The “psychic” reader

The “psychic” tarot reader claims to have other-worldly “gifts”, like the ability to communicate with angels or spirit guides, and they use those “gifts” to make your reading “accurate”. This is the type of reader that is most often depicted on TV or in the movies. I’m fond of Charlene from Brooklyn 99.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible for a psychic reader to exist, I’m just saying that I’ve never met a “psychic” reader who gave me more information than a non-psychic reader. I’ve sat for a few at fairs and conventions. Some didn’t even ask what my question was, and gave me bizarre completely off base readings not even in the ballpark of what was on my mind. In all instances where I’ve had my cards read, non-psychic readers have given me far better information. I’ve always been immediately skeptical of those who claim to be psychic. I want to believe, and I want to meet a legitimate psychic reader sometime, but I remain unconvinced.

The intuitive reader

    Intuitive readers use their knowledge of the cards and their intuition to interpret the cards for you.The meanings of the classic 78 cards of the tarot vary depending on the situation in question and their positioning in the spread. Intuitive readers pick up on patterns and themes, and pinpoint the card meanings for you so the reading is unique and accurate. 

The best readings I’ve had have come from intuitive readers. Recently, I had a Moth and Candle reading with Laura Pensar at the Kansas City Oddities and Curiosities Expo at Bartle Hall. I asked what I needed to know about creating a successful tarot business. She advised me to network with other readers in the area, gave me some good tarot blogs to consult, and directed me to talk to the Oracle Natural Science booth because they hold cartomancy and tarot workshops occasionally. I know to anyone who is business savvy this seems like a huge “duh”, but sometimes you need those “duh” moments. Intuitive readers are where it’s at.

The character reader

    I have a friend who once told me, “niches make riches” and if you’re looking for a fun niche style reader, look no further than Dr. Paul Polychronis aka  Dr. Torpor. He’s become a close friend of mine and brings not only card knowledge, but a doctorate in psychology to the table. He also does dream interpretation. I admit I haven’t sat for a reading with Dr. Torpor yet, but I hope to do so the next time he makes an earthly manifestation in Kansas City. He’s a blast to talk to.

These are just the types of readers I’ve encountered at festivals, fairs, and conventions. There are also empathic readers who read and connect with you on an emotional level, and holistic readers who utilize their knowledge of astrology, reiki, or other metaphysical information as a part of their style. You can read more about those types of readers, as well as modern tarot professions, here.

Ultimately, you’ll need to pick the type of reader who is right for you, and I may be biased, but I hope it’s me!

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