Big Game 2023 Chiefs v Eagles Predictions

I’m what I’d call a “Noob ++” astrologer. I know more than most strangers on the street, but not as much as someone who is an astrologer for a living. Basically, I can look at a chart and point out positive and challenging aspects. I can tell you who has “luckier” placements, but like I tell everyone who sits at my tarot table, there is no fate but what you make for yourself.

I’ve stayed out of sports predictions recently because I’ve been wrong before. But that’s the thing about predictive divination- you have to be comfortable being wrong. Join me in getting deep into strings and thumbtacks territory with my 2023 Superb Owl predictions.

To get an idea of who might have the stars on their side, I looked at the transit charts for Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes, the team charts for the Eagles and the Chiefs, and for funsies, the charts of the Kelce brothers! I’m not going to get deep into explaining every aspect, or wax esoteric on every detail. That’s doing too much. I don’t even have exact birth times, so I just did 7am for the players (not a real method), and 10am for the teams (because that’s when business happens… 10am) You can take the birth information and do your own speculation! There are lots of free resources out there, like, to get you started. I’m just going to give a rundown of what I think, and what I would tell the teams if I were their personal tarot reader/astrologer– which I totally should be. 

What do the stars say for Jalen Hurts?

Jalen is ready, full of energy, and wants this victory at all costs. The planetary aspects borderline on obsession, but I’ve been informed he’s not an overly emotional player on the field. I will say that emotions will be heightened for him for the big game, but that’s to be expected! It’s the BIG GAME! All the marbles. Jalen also has great Mars aspects indicating his energy is up. And Venus trine Venus shows the court of public opinion favors the Eagles, but the public’s opinion doesn’t matter. What the players do on the field with all of the heightened energy is what matters. 

There is one concerning aspect in Jalen’s chart that stuck out to me. He will experience Uranus squaring his natal sun. This can indicate situations that are out of his control, impulsivity, rash calls, and even the possibility of injury. I super hope not, and I think people who wish injury on people to win a game are pretty awful. Check yourself if you disagree with me. 

Saturn will oppose Jalen’s natal mercury, which can cause misunderstandings and communication delays. There is also the possibility that calls from the officials could shake his confidence, and he definitely needs to avoid arguments. Transit Mercury conjunct Jalen’s natal Neptune can mean that his concentration might be affected, but it’s also a warning not to do anything sneaky, tricky, or underhanded because it will come back to bite you.

Jalen has some nice Jupiter placements that indicate lucky coincidences are possible though and that his confidence will be high. My advice to the young Eagles QB would be not to dwell on negative thinking, make sure your defense guards you well, and take some risks! It might pay off.

What do the stars say for Patrick Mahomes?

The planetary placements for Patrick Mahomes show big dreams, lofty goals, and that he is brimming with creative energy. Mahomes has a singular focus- eyes on the prize. There are aspects that show unexpected events may be the cause of frustration, but if Mahomes maintains clarity and grit, the Chiefs have a solid shot. 

I cautioned in Jalen’s planetary breakdown that the Eagles need to stay above board and not attempt any dirty deeds. Mahomes transits strengthen that assertion because Saturn square Pluto shows Mahomes surrounded by power struggles and people who are out to get him. This can create feelings of pressure, hard choices, and indicate this game will be a fight- but DUH! We know that. 

The brightest spot for Mahomes are his Jupiter and Mercury aspects. Jupiter trine Jupiter is such a positive transit indicating optimism, opportunities, and is a healing transit. I think his ankle is feeling better than the news has reported. A sweet Mercury trine Venus aspect also shows that Mohomes will communicate well on the field and highlights creativity with his voice and hands. His professional relationships will deepen at this time. Other aspects show favor from authority figures, so maybe officials are calling for the Chiefs? The charm bomb is about to explode.

Ultimately, Mahomes has the more creative placements and the Chiefs are a pretty creative team. Normally I tell Patrick, or rather the life size cutout of Patrick at Jalapeno Tacos KC, I tell him that he doesn’t need to take the weight of the whole game on his shoulders. There’s no I in “team”, my man. Not this time! Patrick, your mental attitude and state of being is what the Chiefs mental attitude and state of being will be. Keep it positive and upbeat. Be flexible, open minded, and above all- PATIENT. If you go with the flow and pivot, good news awaits you. 

So who has better stars?

Neither? Jalen has energy and drive, and Patrick has creativity and communication. So will youth and vigor win? Or experience and intuition? Maybe the game will come down to the calls like some others have. If that’s the case, the planets show the Chiefs have a slight edge. But remember- this is all strings and thumbtacks.

Team ‘Scopes

Both teams have positive and negative aspects. Neither looked supremely better than the other to my novice eyes.

The Eagles

The Eagles have lucky stars and good aspects for the day of the game. They’ll be feeling good, carefree even, at the start and will put on a great showcase of skills. One tricky transit with Uranus square Saturn can indicate a situation that shakes up or threatens security. Whatever this is could spoil the party vibes, and if the team dwells on the negative or throws a pity party, it could be detrimental. My advice, use your considerable energy and don’t sulk.

The Chiefs

The Chiefs have the ability to surprise people today. Some of their plays are going to be downright impressive. A Mars square Mars element means the team needs to keep its energy up and work together through frustrations. As Mahomes leads, you must follow! YOU have to make it happen, team. You all have a heightened desire, and great transits for inspiration, but don’t be excessive. NO TAUNTING! And keep the hubris to a minimum- Remember the 49er’s? Such displays will come back to kick you. Overly critical sports reports are shining a light on every way you could fail, or how a video game has already predicted your inevitable defeat. Are you going to let them decide your fate?

The Kelce Brothers!

Jason Kelce

Jason’s cart indicates feeling unloved or people being cold toward him. There are mostly challenges with relationships and reality shake ups, but it is pretty unreal to go up against your brother in THE BIG GAME! Wild, cool, and interesting. Ultimately his transits look swell.

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce’s transits are hot garbage and I laughed out loud because they just seem so him. Overly confident and optimistic. Too much energy. Be wary of accidents. The one thing going for him is the Saturn square Venus, which MIGHT help him focus on responsibilities. 

So what do I think?

First off, I could be wrong about all of this. I’m not much of an astrologer, I just play one on TV. That being said, there will be no crumbs, family. These teams will both give it their all this Sunday. My big worry is the POTENTIAL for injury on the Eagles, but just because a transit suggests the possibility of an outcome, doesn’t mean it will happen. There are also indications that officials could appear to favor the Chiefs on the field. Public opinion and sports reports will probably continue to favor the Eagles leading up to the game. The Eagles have the energy, and the Chiefs have the creativity. So, what’s my call?

I’m hanging my call on ONE chart aspect. The Transit part of fortune will be conjunct with the Chief’s natal Vertex. These aren’t even planets, they are mathematical points in a chart. The Vertex, aka point of destiny, is activated by transiting PLANETS. I don’t actually know if the part of fortune counts as an activating energy for the vertex since it’s not a planet, but if it does count, fortune might explode all over the Chiefs! Or blow up in their faces… If they’ve learned their lessons from past championships and big games, then fate may favor them after all.

But what do you think? If I were a betting woman I’d say don’t make bets on the opinions of a novice astrologer. The only thing I know for certain, is Kelce will come out on top.

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  1. This is pure gold! You really should start doing these on a more regular basis, mostly because they’re entertaining. But also, we get sports from every other angle. Health (physical and mental), strategists, “experts”, officiating, etc. What’s missing? The astrological aspect. Enter you. There’s a market and you’re right on time to the party. Looking forward to more in the future!

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