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Astronomical Samhain Tarot Readings 2021

Did you know Halloween is an astronomical holiday? Today you learned… 

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Samhain, is a cross quarter day– a measurable point midway between the equinoxes. We all celebrate the fixed date on October 31st, but the astronomical point usually falls around November 6th or 7th. This only adds to my argument that spooky season should last longer, but I digress…

It’s thought Samhain happened on the night that the Pleiades star cluster culminated at midnight, but the whole switch from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar kinda moved things around date-wise. Thanks, Phillip II… 

Samhain is high Autumn, the final harvest festival, so bring your plants in before they die! Speaking of, this time of year is a time when we reflect on death, transformation, and letting go. Many make ancestor altars, visit the graves of the deceased, or reflect on the circle of life. Wheel in the sky keeps on turning, and the next big holiday is Yule on December 21st.

The deck this month is the Housewives Tarot. I’ve drawn tarot cards for each sign of the Zodiac to give you all something to reflect on for astronomical Samhain this year. Look at your big three (sun, moon, and rising) to get a more complete picture of what the season could have in store for you. The readings were very water and earth heavy which elementally shows us that growth is in store if we don’t drown the ground.

Astronomical Samhain Tarot Readings

  • Aries- Nine of Cups- Reflect on gratitude. You’re transforming emotionally to reach your goals. Be careful what you wish for because it will happen.
  • Taurus- Queen of Cups- Reflect on communication. You can go deeper with your intimacy, what holds you back?
  • Gemini- Queen of Swords- Reflect on objectivity. Speak truth, but be rational rather than reactive.
  • Cancer- Seven of Cups- Reflect on emotional focus. Make careful decisions in your relationships and follow what inspires you.
  • Leo- King of Wands Reversed- Reflect on channeling your fire into something productive. You’re pent up and in need of an outlet for your passions.
  • Virgo- Knight of Swords Reversed- Reflect on patience. You may be right, but listening and planning is more important than winning. 
  • Libra- Page of Pentacles Reversed- Reflect on your goals. Be wise and look at the seeds you’re planting. Now is not the time to relax lest opportunities slip through your fingers.
  • Scorpio- King of Pentacles Reversed- Reflect on security and lack mindset vs. abundance mindset. Be cautious with money- now is not the time for impulse buying. 
  • Sagittarius- Ace of Cups- Reflect on love. You’re starting a new emotional journey, so drink deep. You have a real opportunity for serious intimate communication here.
  • Capricorn- Three of Pentacles- Reflect on collaboration. How are you and the team getting along? Lift each other up and you’ll achieve great things.
  • Aquarius- The Empress Reversed- Reflect on nurturing and control. Have you been overdoing it? Trying to fix things for others? Step back. People will figure it out on their own. 
  • Pisces- Ten of Pentacles Reversed- Reflect on balance. You’re giving so much of your time, energy, and effort to others. Say ‘yes’ to you.

There it is, friends! Your Astronomical Samhain tarot readings. I hope this brings you some guidance or at least something to thing about. Remember, the veil is thin year round! I’m happy to schedule a tarot reading or book a private party with you. Hit me up!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the Astronomical Samhain Tarot Readings for 2021 on this website. The insights and guidance provided in the readings were truly enlightening. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the energy of the season and gain a deeper understanding of the path ahead. I’m looking forward to more insightful content like this in the future. Thank you for sharing!

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