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Full Moon in Aries 2021: Burning Ceremony

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived a pretty harsh retrograde cycle this year- especially the latest Mercury retrograde in Libra. Oof. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, and Mercury, the planet of communication, the mind, and day to day relationships, both stationed direct this week. Pluto, the planet of transformation and renewal, and Saturn, the planet of karmic lessons, limitations and boundaries stationed direct earlier this October. What does all this astro-babble mean for you? It means that with all of this forward momentum, the Full Moon in Aries is about to have us hella fired up, fam. So how can you use this planetary energy and the fiery full moon in Aries to your advantage? I’m so glad you asked.

Direct Planets

Pluto going direct asks you to consider how you’ve been transforming. What needs to be torn down? What needs to be rebuilt or renewed?

Saturn going direct gives you the focus and the drive to achieve, but it has also brought us all lessons to learn. What lessons have you been learning this year? Focus especially within your friend group, or your community, because Saturn is currently in Aquarius.

Jupiter is also in Aquarius, and it has us considering our progress and where we want to expand moving forward. I’m in the midst of my Jupiter return in the 8th house, so I’m looking at ways to expand my business and spiritual practice. Look at where Jupiter is in your chart to see where your luck is changing.

Mercury going direct in Libra has us all feeling more aligned, but think about how you can create harmony and compromise in your day to day communications.

The Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries has a bunch of energy coming full freaking circle. The full moon is a time of reflection on how far you come, and a time of consideration for where you want to be going. It is a time of harvest and of release. What’s ending for you this cycle? What are some new goals you want to consider? All of this planetary energy combined with the Full Moon in Aries has us itching to start something. Before you do, consider what you need to release. 

For the Full Moon in Aries, I used the Dark Wood tarot and drew a card for each sign of the Zodiac to give everyone something to focus on releasing this moon. I’ve included some journaling questions to consider. Feel free to consider both your Sun and your rising, or even your big three if you really need some release. I know I do… 😉

Dark Wood Tarot

Tarot Horoscopes for Release

Aries– Queen of Swords- Release reservation or hesitation. Don’t hold back, speak your truth. Consider: What am I holding back? Why am I hesitating? How can I speak my truth effectively?

Taurus– Four of Wands Reversed- Release what you’re repressing. Be the real you. Consider: What am I repressing? Why do I feel the need to hide who I am? How can I be authentically me?

Gemini– Eight of Wands- Release the need to handle it all. Slow your focus. Consider: Why am I taking on so much? What really needs my focus? How can I realign with my goals and balance those with the needs of others?

Cancer– Ace of Wands- Release your power. You’re holding back. Consider: Why am I holding back? How can I take bold steps toward my goals? What action can I take right now?

Leo– Wheel of Fortune- Release control. It’s out of your hands, go with the flow. Consider: Why do I need to be in control? How can I be comfortable letting others be in control? What puts me at ease in a tough situation?

Virgo– The Hanged Man Reversed- Release hang-ups. Let it go. Consider: What is really bothering me? What am I holding onto that needs to go? Why am I dwelling on this situation? 

Libra– Seven of Swords- Release fear. Own your actions. Consider: How have I contributed to the current situation? Why am I feeling fear or worry right now? How can I be more honest with myself and others?

Scorpio– Death Reversed- Release resistance. Let change come. Consider: What are my feelings surrounding the changes I’m experiencing? Why might I be resisting change? How can I embrace this new situation as an opportunity for growth?

Sagittarius– Three of Cups Reversed- Release distractions. Focus your energy. Consider: What am I avoiding right now? Why am I avoiding this person/situation? How can I focus my energy more effectively?

Capricorn– Ten of Wands Reversed- Release your burdens. Rest. Consider: Why do I try and take everything on myself? How can I open up and reach out for help? How can I prioritize my needs?

Aquarius– Five of Swords- Release cruelty. Lift others up, including yourself. Consider: How can I be kinder to myself and others? Where am I experiencing pain or feelings of inadequacy? How can I express my frustrations compassionately?

Pisces– Page of Swords Reversed- Release mind games. Be real. Consider: What am I dwelling on or holding back? How can I express my full truth? Why do I feel paranoid or vengeful?

Burning Ceremony

The Full Moon in Aries is a fiery moon making in perfect for a burning ceremony. Aries is a cardinal fire sign meaning it’s ambitious, determined, and initiates change. A great way to experience ritual release of anything that’s holding you back is to cast it into the fire! Like in Lord of the Rings. 

Fire is cleansing and transformative. Spend time thinking about what holds you back from your dreams, ambitions, or relationships. Use the prompts I gave if they help you focus. Write down all obstacles, hang ups, or fears. These can be on individual pieces of paper, or in one long note. What matters is that you focus and reflect honestly with yourself. 

When you’re ready, burn baby burn! Ignite the paper at a fire pit, in a cauldron, or somewhere that is fireproof. As the paper burns, envision all obstacles burning with it. Feel the flames release you and transform you. Be cool about fire safety and make sure the flames are doused before you leave the area.

You might feel pretty powerful after you finish. I know I do just thinking about burning stuff, but remember, real change comes from you. You’ve gotta do the work for the magic to truly take hold because you ARE the magic.

You know what else is magical? Booking me for your next party or for an individual reading.

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