Page of swords

Daily Draw: Page of Swords- Energy, Ambition, Ideas

What do I need to know or focus on today?

The page of swords is a court card and court cards can be difficult for readers to interpret when they first start out. Court cards can represent people in your life that embody the energy of the card, or they can represent you. In the case of pages, they could also represent messengers and/or messages headed your way. You and your reader should work together to determine who the person is and where they fit into your story, or if this is a message.

The Card

A colorfully dressed youth stands with a sword on a small green hill. It’s a breezy beautiful day, which makes sense because swords represent the element air and are connected to the air signs of astrology. Being an air sign myself, I get a little bummed out that the swords get a bad rap for being mostly negative in the tarot. The swords deal with conflict, deception, betrayal, heartbreak, anxiety, negative self talk, going into battle, difficult decisions, and painful endings. Harsh, dude. But knowledge is power, and with great power comes great responsibility.

Let’s talk about you!

There are some schools of thought that see the page of swords as a messenger delivering bad news. I’m not sure I can get behind that interpretation. The card is too inviting and lively for the message to be as severe as the other sword cards, unless it appears in the reversed position. When I see the page of swords, I see someone who is energetic and excited about their new ideas. They are ambitious, with a rapier wit that can sometimes be cutting. They aren’t sorry about it because they speak the truth. If they were an RPG character, they’d have high marks in perception, intelligence, wits, or other mental traits. The page of swords is curious, expressive, and always exploring new ideas, but they can also be competitive with their intelligence. I bet they slay at trivia night. The page of swords can sometimes represent a message of useful information.

How do I see it?

When I pulled the page of swords this morning, I had a gut feeling that it represented good news. It had to be- trivia was yesterday! In my case, my partnership with Cinder Block Brewery officially has a date on the books- November 6th. This is also the release of their seasonal spiced cider. My recommendation is that you come and have some delicious beers, try that cider, and get a reading from me! It’s what a smart witty page would do.

Questions to consider

  • What news or messages have come your way?
  • What new ideas are you exploring?
  • How can you be proactive in your communication with others?

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