The Month Ahead

The Month Ahead Tarot Spread- June 2021

The Month Ahead Tarot Spread, also called the “Let’s Talk About You” tarot spread, is the one I use to determine what the Collective (that’s you) needs to focus on each month for success. The positions are as follows:

  • 1- Our current energy/the energy we enter the month with
  • 2- Goal or obstacle. What’s crossing our path?
  • 3- The advice. How might we overcome our obstacles?
  • 4- What we need to let go or release
  • 5- What we need to grow or put our energies into to succeed
  • 6- A possible final outcome or where our energy is heading

Reading Breakdown

The first thing I thought when I flipped over the cards for the June Month Tarot Spread was “Holy Court Cards, Batman.” Page of Wands reversed, Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Wands reversed, King of Cups reversed- what’s up with that!? Did I not shuffle well enough? No, no, no… the cards are never wrong… So what does this all mean?

Well, we’re moving from Gemini season into Cancer season which can indicate a shift from social activities and ideas, to a focus on the home and family. Granted, friends are the family you choose, so you might be focusing more deeply on those relationships too. 

Our Energy

The Page of wands reversed could indicate we’re entering into this month feeling a bit off. Astrologically speaking, the last weeks of May kind of left us a bit battered. Saturn went retrograde and will stay that way until October 10th. This is a time for us to be looking at our personal rules and guidelines and figuring out what makes us tick. We had the full moon in Sagittarius super flower moon blood supermoon lunar eclipse. This was deeply transformative for some, and asked us to let go to move forward. Some of us may have had to embrace major change. And of course, Mercury went retrograde. It’s also entirely possible you received rough news last month that you’re still dealing with. Is it any wonder we’re entering the month with the energy of someone who pulled an all nighter?

The Page of Wands reversed feels like we’re adrift. Maybe we have great ideas but are struggling to focus. Perhaps we’ve lost enthusiasm because we planted some seeds last month that never sprouted. Did we put ourselves out there and experienced rejection? It’s also possible you’ve received some bad news. I think a solid focus for us this month will be rekindling our creativity, passions, or sense of adventure. Do you like the smell of adventure? Of course you do. This is emphasized by the Queen of Wands, which we’ll discuss later. 


The Knight of Pentacles is what crosses us- the goal or the obstacle. All of these court cards could be representative of real people in your life, but I’ll be discussing them from a situational standpoint. Duty, routine, diligence, honor- The Knight of Pentacles is in no hurry as he carefully regards his goals and plans. What crosses us this month is a field ready for us to plant seeds. Opportunity is right in front of us. You have goals, and I know our energy is low, but what solid steps can you take today? How can you further your knowledge? It’s okay to take things slowly, but make sure to keep moving. Let’s not let incredibly fertile opportunities pass us by.


The Queen of Wands reversed is the advice card for this month and I think this is a solid indicator that we need to stoke the flames of our creativity. Wands are action, passion, fire, enthusiasm, and even sensuality. How can we be charismatic and self confident without burning the building down? With the reversal, some of our projects might need to be reevaluated. There could be some personality conflicts or even an all out war going on with that 5 of swords next door. Be bold, trust your vision, and watch your temper. This is a queen in distress so if you’re on the struggle bus, reach out.

Let Go

The 5 of swords is in the release position. Fives are cards of conflict and this one sucks. When I see this I think, “Is this conflict worth it?” One of the biggest things we need to watch this month is our words. Mercury is in retrograde in Gemini until June 22nd. This can be a time of miscommunications and disagreements that turn into all out wars. It’s not worth it! Listen more than you speak, and if someone says something hurtful it’s okay to walk away until cooler heads prevail. Apologize when you’re the butt.


The Chariot is in the growth position and wherever you decide to put energy this June, it will yield great rewards. Should you put your energy into goals, you will manifest greatness! If you put your energy into loafing or laziness, you will harvest an abundance of nothing. Duh, right? Grow your drive and your confidence which goes hand in hand with that Queen of Wands reversed. Also, if you’re planning a trip or travelling, it’s going to be smooth sailing.

Final Outcome

The King of Cups reversed is where our energy is heading this month. The second half of June is Cancer season, and there are some tough planetary aspects mid month that can leave people feeling highly emotional. There will be some serious reality checks and difficult emotional situations that you might have to work through, or help someone through. Be the rock in the storm. Be the shoulder to cry on and remember all storms will pass.

I hope this helps guide you through June 2021 and I also hope to see you at all of my upcoming events.

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