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June 2021 Astrological Transits

It’s June, friends! Happy Pride! Hurray for the start of Summer! We’re moving from social breezy Gemini season into homey, nurturing Cancer season this month. Gemini’s mutable energy, which is kind of flaky, will still be around for the first half of June, and with Mercury currently in retrograde until the 22nd, it’s important to watch how we’re communicating. Someone cooler than me came up with this advice, and of course I can’t remember who they are, but before you communicate in any way, consider, “Is it kind, is it helpful, is it necessary?” Be mindful in all of your communications and ramp up the self care and grounding as the month progresses. Now let’s get into some of the Astrological transits for June 2021.

June 2nd

Venus enters Cancer! Venus represents our relationships with people in our life, taste and aesthetics, and also our relationships with finances and material possessions. When Venus enters Cancer this can be a very nurturing and affectionate time. People may be more sensitive and empathetic, and classic romantic gestures are well received. Intuition can also be heightened during this time. Cancer can be moody and melancholy too, so focus on your boundaries and really listen to your body. Speak your needs out loud- we don’t know what you want if you don’t tell us. Venus will stay in Cancer until the 27th.

June 3rd

The Sun in Gemini Trines Saturn in Capricorn which will give us the energy to buckle down and get stuff done. What are you working on? What needs to get checked off that to-do list? This is the day for it! Venus will also trine Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, luck and prosperity and this transit is great energy for creativity, relationships, romantic success, and even a little retail therapy. Go ahead and treat yo’ self!

June 5th

Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, squares Neptune the planet of dreams, spirituality, idealism, and magic. This tough aspect can lead to confusion and distorted thinking. Psychic vampires and stage 5 clingers can be a problem. Deception and jumbled communication can happen- think slimy sales people or MLM pushers. This will only be made worse by Mars opposing Pluto which can lead to some serious power struggles or confrontations. Some people might be looking for a fight. Raise shields and don’t engage. Honesty and clear communication is the prescription for the 5th. “No” is a complete sentence. AVOID SUBSTANCES! (Seriously, whenever Neptune is square anything it’s a terrible time to imbibe).

June 10th

The New Moon and Mercury in Gemini will align with the Sun, also in Gemini, for a rad solar eclipse at 6:42 am EDT. Canada and the East coast minus Florida might be able to see it, but us Kansas City folk won’t. Boo. During this time, read, keep an open mind, hydrate, and prepare to feel a rebirth of sorts. New moons are usually good for intention setting, but some astrologers caution against performing any magic during this time because eclipses were historically considered bad omens and malefic. Clear your head and maybe just journal how the eclipse felt to you.

June 11th

Mars enters Leo after being in its fall in Cancer last month. We’ll be feeling much more fiery and passionate. Be bold, brave, and courageous with charisma oozing from every pore! Step into leadership roles, but watch your pride or vanity. Mars will stay in Leo until July 29th.

June 12th

Come see me at the Excelsior Springs Wine Fest for in person tarot readings! The Moon will be in Cancer that day, so it’s great for intuition. This isn’t an important transit, just a great event, so mark your calendar!

June 14th

Saturn will square Uranus, a hard aspect that will linger for a while. The classic battle between clinging to the old ways and collective progress. This could be tense, oppressive, ridged, or repressive energy. Change versus tradition. Saturn is still retrograde during this square, so you should probably examine yourself and any repressive old ways of thinking. Let those go. This could be a tense week in the news, especially politically. 

June 20th

Happy Summer Solstice and Father’s day! The Sun will slide into Cancer and stay there until July 22nd, so this is a great day to focus on the family and father figures or caregivers in your life. It’ll be a sensitive, nurturing season. The Moon will be in Scorpio that day too, so it’s a great time to give or receive a tarot reading or experience other intuitive arts. Jupiter will also go retrograde until October 18th, so focus on growth in your life. Growth might feel slow during this time, so be patient. Keep learning and know it’ll pay off. Watch out for any greedy or destructive behaviors in yourself or in others. 

June 21st

Looking for the best romantic day this June? This is it! Venus trines Neptune. Get ready for love, art, romance, and creativity. Plan the best romantic date ever if you can. It’s a Monday, but still!

June 22nd

Mercury goes direct! YISS! You survived retrograde. Enjoy some mental clarity and reach out to people and fix any misunderstandings that may have occurred during the retrograde.

June 24th

Full Moon in Capricorn. Grab your crystals, y’all! This is a great full moon to finish projects, create order, examine and accomplish goals. Be productive and manifest something cool.

June 25th

Neptune will be retrograde in Pisces until December 1st. Reality checks, wake up calls, and a-ha moments abound. The dreamy rose colored glasses are off, and we will see things as they really are. If you’re the kind of person who lives in a fantasy land, this is going to be hard for you. The truth will front and center, and you’ll have to deal with it. Avoid self medicating with substances to excess during this time.
ALSO! I’ll be at the Excelsior Springs Waterfest slinging cards, so come see me June 25th and 26th!

June 27th

Venus enters Leo. It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes! Grand romantic gestures are in! Personally, 100 roses in the bed/bathroom, or my name in skywriting is wholly unappealing, but this is a great time to go big. Mars is in Leo too, mind you. Adoration, ambition, and passion will heat up the rest of Cancer Season. 

So those are your main astrological transits for June 2021. Check out the Portable Magic Podcast to hear Gigi, Ana, and I give you monthly tarot, astrology and numerology advice. Click here to check out my upcoming events.

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