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Tarot Mood Deck Review

If you’re looking for a tarot deck that’s hilarious, irreverent, and utilitarian, look no further than the Tarot Mood Deck by Natalie Meraki. I laughed for hours after Tarot Mood was delivered. I’m still laughing right now. This deck speaks to the very essence of my being- a 13 year old who laughs every time she farts. So what makes this deck the greatest tarot deck of all time? Read on, my loves, read on! Unless your name is Chad… if so, maybe turn back now. 

Tarot Mood Chads
CHAD! I warned you, man…

1. Tarot Mood will make you pee your pants

Maybe that doesn’t sound appealing to you right now, but it will, and you won’t mind. Every card in the Tarot Mood deck is funny. Your normal suits of wands, cups, swords, and pentacles have been replaced with dick sticks, cry babies, mind bullets, and devil cats, respectively. Additionally, if you’ve ever wondered what the people in the Rider Waite Smith images were thinking, it’s that were all a bunch of bishes, hoes, and dumb dicks. They aren’t wrong.

Tarot Mood

2. Tarot Mood is plastic

You read that right. TAROT MOOD IS A PLASTIC DECK! Why don’t more deck creators do this!? OMG! IT’S A GAME CHANGER! And I hate that phrase. Have you ever read tarot at a rainy festival and your tent starts to leak? I have. Have you ever had a drunk spill a beer on your cards? I have. With Tarot Mood, you can spill whatever you want on your cards without fear! You can read tarot in the tub! The cards are also incredibly easy to shuffle. Do note that they are a bit slippery, so they might slide, but that’s a small price to pay for the functionality that is Tarot Mood. 

3. Tarot Mood is diverse

Let’s face it, as iconic as the Rider Waite Smith deck is, it’s decidedly… how shall I put this… white. It’s a bunch of white people. Natalie Meraki has changed that in Tarot Mood and I love it. I believe tarot is for everyone, so it’s nice to see everyone represented, Chads and Karens included. I’m glad tarot decks are diversifying. Here’s another list of diverse tarot decks if you’re interested!

Tarot Mood

4. Tarot Mood is accurate

Just because Tarot Mood makes you giggle doesn’t make it any less effective as a divinatory tool. I used it to predict the Chief’s victory in this year’s Mega Sport Big Time Game (I legitimately don’t know if I can call it by its name, but you know the one. The football one!) I drew the happy family card! MAHOMES PERMS FOR EVERYONE! And I was right.  

Tarot Mood Happy Family

5. Each deck is “imbued with the fart of a tiny bigfoot”

Yup. “Bullshit!” you say. No, my friends. Bigfoot shit. I’ve smelled the cards myself, and bigfoot farts are surprisingly fragrant.

6. One small critique

Sigh. I guess if you’re looking for one critique, Tarot Mood doesn’t come with a little white book, but who cares! If Natalie Meraki did write one though, I would buy it instantly. You hear that, Natalie? Can I call you Natalie? You are that funny. Wanna write a book together? It’s cool if you don’t, I get it. I’ll just continue to worship you from over here.

Natalie Meraki didn’t ask for this review, but I hope I did Tarot Mood justice. I really love it. I’ve never felt more connected to a tarot deck. If you’re not sold by now, you’re probably a prude and never will be, but I am excited you got this far into my review. Good on you! Tarot Mood truly is disgustingly relatable. Do yourself a favor and BUY TAROT MOOD NOW!

Tarot Mood 4 of Pentacles

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