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Veil and Vow Social Distancing Update

I’ll admit it, this Covid-19 pandemic arrested my motivation for a while. I’ve been incredibly unfocused, and adjusting to the new normal of nothing being normal has been both draining and depressing. I can’t go read at Weston Wine Company. I can’t read at Cinder Block Brewery events or go to weekly trivia with my pals. So I’ve felt a little grumpy, which is okay, but unproductive and makes no money. So it’s time to snap out of it and do something worthwhile, and hopefully drum up some new clients too. I can still help from a respectable social distance. I do phone readings, and I have Skype! You want Zoom? I can get Zoom. Anyway…

Just because I’ve neglected Veil and Vow recently doesn’t mean I’ve been a complete loaf. I’ve started a podcast with my brother Eythan called Beery Eerie which is on Spotify and iTunes etc. If you like listening to two bing bongs talk about the strange, spooky, weird, and bizarre, check it out. I like it! There is an episode on tarot too.

So what will I be working on now that my motivation has returned? I’ve posted my daily draws in the past, but they jump around depending on what I pull. I want to start being more comprehensive in my tarot teachings. I put out the call on social media to see what suit my small, but merry band of followers wanted to learn about first. Cups won! So I’ll be going through each of the cards in the cups suit, one a day, upright and reversed meanings, until we’re through. Then we’ll move to the next suit. I’m going to call this series “Tarot Treks” and we can all learn more about the cards together. Huzzah!

Stay safe and healthy, friends. I know this is rough but we’re going to get through this together.

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