Two of Cups

Tarot Treks: Two of Cups

We continue tarot treks with the two of cups, and we’ll begin the same way we did with the ace of cups, with you putting yourself in the card. What do you see? What do you feel?

Two of Cups Tarot Mood
I feel like these two are totally going to do it later

Hands… touching hands… reaching out… touching me, touching you! SWEET CAROLINE!!! BOM BOM BOM!!! Oh, sorry. I got carried away, but it’s hard not to with this card. That’s some potent sexual tension right there. Mmm. The two’s are always choice, balance, duality, or partnership. The overflow of love, joy, and harmony from the ace is spreading.

The Symbolism

  • The red lion’s head with wings: there’s some conflicting information here. Some say the red lion is vitality, other’s say fiery passion (like the fire sign Leo), still others say it’s an alchemical symbol that makes sparks fly. If the lion is an alchemical symbol it could represent transformation. Or maybe it’s just representative of animal instincts. With A.E. Waite, it could be any or all of these.
  • Caduceus: HERMES! My Man! Messenger of the Gods, Lover of Mankind, but also a god of trade and commerce.
  • Wreath: Victory
  • Rose Crown: Love

Two of Cups Upright

If this is a love reading, the two of cups is a good sign that love is headed your way. The two of cups is a card of partnership and deep connection, but it doesn’t have to be a love connection. It can represent friendship or even a business partnership. Remember the caduceus? There’s a reason I have this card on my site for local partnerships. Mutual attraction, mutual benefit, harmonious cooperation, and commitment. This is soul deep harmony, so whatever you were asking the cards, it’s going to feel so right.

Two of Cups This Might Hurt

Two of Cups Reversed

The two of cups reversed could mean your partnership is out of balance. Are you doing all the work, or are you being a lazy loaf? Have once harmonious feelings and communications felt off lately? Is there tension in your relationship, but not the sexy kind? The two of cups reversed can represent a break up, but not always. If you openly and honestly communicate your wants and needs, you can repair things. At the very least you’ll feel better. Do note that if your relationship is abusive, get out! But just because the two of cups shows up reversed, it doesn’t mean you need to cut and run. Maybe boundaries need to be set, or maybe you just need to reconnect with you. As RuPaul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an ‘Amen’ up in here?”

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