Three of Cups

Tarot Treks: Three of Cups

We now trek through the three of cups. What do you see? What do you feel? Do you feel like celebrating good times? Come on! If you’re not hearing Barbie and the Rockers- Best Friends when you look at this card, then I suspect you’ve never heard it, and you should drop everything and click that link immediately.

Three of Cups Ghetto Tarot
The prophecy has been fulfilled!

I’m glad we could experience that song together, now back to the three of cups. These are your people! Likeminded, dynamic, strong, the sort of group that builds each other up at every turn. These are the people who would come get you when you’re stranded at 3am with a flat tire, or would hide a body for you! The three’s are growth, synthesis, creativity, and dynamic balance. 3’s are magical. Triangles are the strongest shape. The depth of the soul deep connection in the two of cups is spreading.


  • Plants (Gourds/Grapes): growth and abundance, good harvest
  • Red- vitality
  • Yellow- friendship, manifestation
  • White- Purity

Three of Cups Upright

It is time to be one with your people! Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth! You are being called to share in the joys and triumphs of those closest to you. Socialize! Which I realize is difficult at the time of this writing. Plan the best friend date ever. Let loose and just be. Enjoy these good times. Collaborate and express your creativity. Karaoke, anyone? If you’ve been neglecting your friends, the three of cups is your wake up call to reach out and touch someone.

Three of Cups This Might Hurt
We dance on your grave!

Three of Cups Reversed

The three of cups reversed can mean you’ve been partying too hard recently. You might need some alone time. This card can also indicate gossip or strife within your friend group. I’ve even had this card come up when a spouse is cheating, or when a meddling mother was blocking a friendship from going to the next level. Sometimes, three’s a crowd.

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