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Tarot Treks: Four of Cups

In this Tarot Trek we examine the four of cups. Get a load of this guy. Look at this card intuitively. What do you see? What do you feel?

four of cups ghetto tarot and tarot mood
Pouty McPoutface over here…

The four of cups gets a bad rap for having a bratty energy, but look at this doof! Are any of the wines good enough for him?! This guy definitely sad Charlie Brown walked to this meadow. The fours in tarot represent structure, stability, order, and material achievements, so what’s going on here? Do I just need a break after the party in the three of cups?


  • Crossed legs/arms: closed off body language, saying no
  • Tree: Spiritual nourishment, protection, connection
  • Blue sky: mental clarity
  • Hand in cloud: divine gifts and opportunities

Four of Cups Upright

The four of cups is a card of rest, reflection, contemplation, and meditation, but it also can represent boredom and apathy. There’s nothing wrong with being discerning, but if you sit too long you stagnate. Stagnant water is bad water and it’s full of leeches. Don’t you remember Oregon Trail!? Bad water, no water, Eythan dies of dysentery! Stagnation might be something we’re all feeling or experiencing during this time of quarantine, but it’s a good time to sit and figure out what’s really important. As my dad used to say, “I’m not saying ‘no’, I’m just saying wait.” Just don’t wait too long or opportunities might pass you by. 

four of cups reversed

Four of Cups Reversed

There are two routes the four of cups reversed can take. Either you’re being too withdrawn due to disappointment with the world at large, or you’re finally ready to re engage with life. So which is it? Are you closing yourself off and isolating, or is it time to get out there and say ‘yes’ again! Maybe it’s both! Keep your waters flowing.

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