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Daily Draw: Trust your gut!

What do I need to know or focus on today?

The high priestess is such an iconic image there was even an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess in which they recreated the scene depicted above. This is a card that a lot of tarot readers either identify with, or is a personal favorite, and I think it’s because the high priestess is a conduit for secret and sacred knowledge, as well as an empathetic listener. Personally, I think she’d be a bit disappointed in my general irreverence, but I respect her energy, and she’s a pretty serious card to pull.

The card

The priestess sits serenely on a dais between two pillars, one black labeled with a “B” and one white labeled with a “J”. BJ… *snicker*. See, I’m terrible, but I can’t be the only one who has ever thought of that before. Anyway- The B stands for Boaz, the Hebrew word meaning “strength within him” and the J stands for Jachin, the Hebrew word meaning “he will establish/he will give certainty”, and for those with biblical knowledge playing at home, these were pillars in Solomon’s temple. The black and white colors represent duality, and so does the number 2, as the high priestess is the second of the major arcana cards.

According to Meg Hayertz, the priestess wears blue robes and a crown that is associated with Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic and wisdom. Behind her is a veil of pomegranates which evokes the Greek myth of Persephone and supports the concept of duality depicted in the card. She holds the Torah, but it’s slightly obscured because the knowledge is secret, and the moon at the priestess’s feet represents intuition (Hayertz, 2018).

Let’s talk about you!

This card asks you to seek the inner wisdom of your intuition. The high priestess lifts the veil on our subconscious mind to enlighten us, and calls for us to trust our instincts. Go with your gut, friends! Take some quiet time to contemplate what’s happening in your life. If you’re troubled about a situation, find a place to meditate and trust yourself. You might be surprised by your insights. Also, focus your attention toward being compassionate and empathetic toward those around you. 

How do I see it?

For me, it can be difficult to find a moment’s peace with a toddler saying, “mommy!” every 10 seconds. I’m also trying to get a lot done for upcoming festivals and events. The priestess is calling me to return to my tarot work and studies, and trust my instincts which are telling me to reach out for help. I don’t have to do it all by myself, and neither do you! So find a quiet moment and listen to what your gut is telling you you need right now. 

Questions to consider

Where do you go to disconnect and listen to your gut?

How can you trust yourself more or reconnect with your instincts?

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