tarot card 3 of wands reversed

Daily Draw: Excitement and Delays

What do I need to know or focus on for today?

Today I drew the three of wands reversed. I frequently draw wands when I read for myself, and it came up in my new moon in Virgo reading back in August too, but I know this keeps popping up because of my enthusiasm in starting Veil and Vow Tarot.

The card

In Pamela Coleman Smith’s depiction, we see a person in a mostly red cloak, surrounded by three wands, looking out at ships sailing in the distance. The person holds onto one of the wands, maybe out of weariness, maybe because they don’t want to plummet into the bay- safety first, you guys! The three’s in numerology and tarot deal with creativity, productivity, and growth.

Let’s talk about you!

Wands represent creativity, action, social and public situations, fire, and passion. The three of wands upright means you’ve launched your project after careful planning, those plans are in motion, and wheels are turning! You’ve put forth effort, and it’ll hopefully pay off. Keep looking ahead for new opportunities for growth on the horizon.

How do I see it?

For my situation, I think the three of wands reversed indicates my excitement about Veil and Vow Tarot, and my elation at partnering with Weston Wine Company, but I’ve experienced some delays with setting up my business banking, and I’m in a holding pattern as I wait for my orders to be delivered. I’m chomping at the bit to get started with the next steps, but I’m having to wait on things that are out of my control right now. But that’s ok. This card is reminding me to chill out. It’ll happen when it happens.

Questions to consider

What has the reversed three of wands meant for you?

What plans are you setting in motion?

How do you stay grounded when you experience setbacks?

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