Knight of cups

Tarot Treks: Knight of Cups

Get a load of the hottie bo-body that is the knight of cups. What do you see when you look into this dreamboat’s eyes? 

Knight of cups this might hurt
 I brought you some coffee…

Where the pages represent more youthful energies, fresh ideas, messengers, and the beginnings of personal journeys, the knights are already on that journey, and ready for action. Knights are a little undisciplined, even extreme in some cases. Therefore, the knight of cups is a knight of passions. He rides in on his steed, in shining armor, cloak covered in fish, golden cup outstretched. Why yes, I am thirsty…


  • Winged boots/hat- Hermes, god of trade, luck, fertility (Yeah, buddy), communication, border crossings
  • Red fish- consciousness, passion (mmm), creativity
  • River- emotions 

Knight of Cups Upright

Court cards can be people, and if the knight of cups is a person in your life, prepare to get swept off your feet. This person is a bringer of romance, a passionate lover, and an artistic poetic soul. They are inspiring to be around and charming. It’s getting hot in herre. It is possible they’re more in love with the heady rush of passion than they are in love with you, so pump the breaks if they take a turn for the moody or impatient. The knight of cups can also represent you and your idealism or creativity. Or are you bringing the romance? If the knight of cups is a situation, say yes, especially if it’s a creative project. Follow your heart and your dreams!

Knight of cups tarot mood

Knight of Cups Reversed

The knight of cups reversed could represent emotional or creative blocks. Are you worried your latest project isn’t “good enough” yet? If this is a person in your life, they could be obsessive, jealous, possessive, or impulsive. Maybe they are a hopeless, shiftless dreamer. Have you ever met a person who is always chasing their next dream, but when the going gets tough they quit? That’s the knight of cups reversed. If this is you, are you letting your emotions boil over? Are you quitting too soon? Do a quick check-in with whatever is vexing you.

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