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Tarot Treks: Page of Cups

The page of cups is a court card. Court cards are the pages, knights, queens, and kings of each suit and can represent the energy of a situation, people in your life who reflect that energy, or in the case of pages, can be messages or messengers. What do you see as you look at the page of cups?

page of cups tarot mood
Kiss me you fool!

An escapee from a renaissance fair is bemused by the fish in their cup. “Who put this here? Very funny, you guys. So unsanitary…” They stand next to undulating waters, and a grey sky dominates the background making the page’s bright outfit really pop. Renfest realness! Shantay, you stay!


  • Fish in cup- creative inspiration, possible fertility
  • Grey sky- emphasizes the emerging creative burst 
  • Waves- emotion
  • Pink- love
  • Lilies- growth, purity
  • Blue– message/communication

Page of Cups Upright

Pages are considered young or have a youthful energy. They are creative, inspiring, intuitive, and have romantic ideas and notions about the world. Page of cups people are poetic dreamers, and can be naive, but their vibrant spirits can suck you in. There’s a bit of a manic pixie dream girl vibe in the page of cups. If this is a person in your life, expect to be introduced to new experiences and new ways of thinking. This person has their head in the clouds and wants you to join them. I dated a guy like this when I was young and stupid. For me, this energy is fine for a while, but can be tiring when reality needs to be confronted head on. If this is a situation, it’ll be a creative journey, so prepare to be inspired or experience a creative burst that helps you move forward. Listen to your intuition because it is probably right. If the page of cups is a message, it will be creative or inspiring news. 

Page of cups ghetto tarot

Page of Cups Reversed

The page of cups reversed takes naivety to the extreme. They are immature, moody, refuse to grow up, and can even be emotionally manipulative. This was the dark side of that boyfriend I mentioned. “I’m going to be a roving philosopher poet and live off the kindness of strangers!” Um, okay. I think that’s dumb, but you do you- I’m out. If the page of cups reversed is a situation in your life, you might be experiencing creative blocks, or struggling with self doubt. Maybe you don’t want to share your ideas because you’re afraid people will think they suck. They might suck, but share them anyway because they could be genius! If the page of cups reversed is a message, it could be delayed, or might not be the news you wanted. Try to stay open to possibilities, but if they feel wrong, wait for something that feels right.

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