nine of cups

Tarot Treks: The Nine of Cups

Check out the spread here in the nine of cups! What do you see, friends?

Nine of Cups Tarot Mood
So much yellow

Get a load of this guy! It’s wine time up in here! It’s like we’ve walked into a private wine tasting party and they are pumped to have us. The figure is wearing fine robes and a jaunty hat. I’ve been to parties like this and they are sumptuous. This card is depicting what will surely be a night of bacchanalia. This is a welcome change after the disappointment in the eight of cups. Let’s get decadent.


  • Yellow– happiness, manifestation
  • Red Hat- pride, affluence

Nine of Cups Upright

The nine of cups is traditionally considered the wish fulfillment card. Slow down and consider your life for a moment. What are you wishing for, or dreaming of, because this is a good sign it’s coming. The nines are fruition, achievement, and attainment, and when the nine of cups comes up, it could be time to celebrate something. Maybe you’ve been working hard. Well, now it’s time to play hard because that’s balance! This is a card of enjoyment, contentment, and satisfaction too, so if things have been going well, express gratitude to the universe. Conversely, if things haven’t been going well, this could be a sign that things will soon be looking up. In the meantime, pamper yourself a little. Do something that brings you joy because life is meant to be lived!

nine of cups ghetto tarot

Nine of Cups Reversed

The nine of cups reversed could mean that you feel undeserving of the gifts the universe is bestowing. If things are going well, and you’re suspicious because life couldn’t possibly be this rad, examine those feelings. There could be underlying issues, like guilt or trauma, that are preventing you from experiencing real happiness, and those feelings need to be processed. The nine of cups reversed can also mean you’ve been overindulging in life. Are you working too hard? Are you partying too hard? Too much of anything is bad, ya’ll. The nine of cups reversed can mean delays in your wishes or dreams coming true. Patience! All things in due time. Lastly, the nine of cups can mean finding inner happiness and contentment.

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