The six of cups

Tarot Treks: The Six of Cups

Tarot Treks takes us to a touching scene in the six of cups. What do you see, reader?

The six of cups
Even from his earliest days, Tim was a ladies man…

A child is giving flowers to another child. The six of cups is one of the few cards in the RWS deck that depicts children. (Stay tuned to find out what the others are). Maybe the kids in the six of cups are siblings taking a break from fighting to get along for a change. Every now and then my brother’s and I would team up for collaborative mischief. The six’s are harmony, integration, and cooperation, afterall. Did you notice the guard in the background? This city is pretty safe and well protected. Maybe the figure we see in the five of cups is remembering these more comforting times.


  • Children- innocence, childhood memories
  • Tower- safety, protection
  • White flowers- purity, honesty, innocence

Six of Cups Upright

The simplest interpretation of the six of cups is a gift. The boy gives a gift to the girl in a pure moment- how sweet. There’s a fair amount of nostalgia associated with the six of cups. Do you remember when things were simpler as a kid? Everything was new and you had fun adventures. Kids are hilarious when they’re exploring. “Have you seen this before?! I haven’t!!”

six of cups tarot mood

Maybe you don’t relate because childhood was a traumatic nightmare. Or maybe your experience was a little bit of both. My point is, in the six of cups you’re remembering the past. This card comes up a lot in my readings when parents are thinking about their kids. I think the six of cups can also call you to examine the things in your past that made you whole. Part of wholeness is embracing parts about yourself you left in childhood. I’m not saying you have to go buy a bunch of Pogs or Beanie Babies, but maybe revisit some of your childhood interests. I just made my husband buy me a fantasy trilogy I read in middle school, and we play Werewolf the Apocalypse together, which was one of his favorite hobbies when he was young. What made you feel happy when you were a kid?

Six of cups this might hurt

Six of Cups Reversed

We all think about the past, but don’t dwell on it. Living in the past, or letting it hold influence over you in the present, isn’t healthy. If that’s happening you might need to process some past trauma. Therapy and/or journaling might help. Remember that one time when you did that super embarrassing thing and you were such an idiot? No one else does. Just you. The past cannot be changed, so forgive yourself and give yourself some grace. The six of cups reversed can also be a call for you to pull the stick out of your butt and have a little fun. Do something frivolous and get in touch with your inner child again.

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