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Tarot Treks: The Seven of Cups

Welcome back to Tarot Treks, friend! The seven of cups is one of the trickier cards to interpret because there’s a lot going on in the imagery. Just look at it!

Seven of cups tarot mood
I mean… right?!

A shadowy figure in the foreground stares into the clouds and sees many cups filled with definitely not beverages. There’s a face, a glowing body in a sheet, a snake, a castle, some jewels, a laurel wreath in a skull cup (yeah that’s right, look again!), and a dragon lizard beast. What the heck is going on here? Is this some sort of weird dream? Are we on drugs? Or is this a crazy kid story being told by the children in the 6 of cups? The sevens are reflection, spiritual tests, and evolution. This cloud, like Gretchen Wieners’ hair, is full of secrets!!


  • Face- attraction, lust
  • Glowing Obscured Torso- mystery, possibly a spiritual mystery
  • Snake- tempting knowledge or wisdom
  • Castle- hopes, castles in the sky
  • Jewels- wealth
  • Wreath- victory, but at what cost? Remember the skull.
  • Dragon– evil, power

Seven of Cups Upright

The seven of cups is a card of choices. It’s like you’re snapping out of the grief in the five of cups, and the nostalgia of the six of cups, and you’re finally seeing real options and opportunities again. Your inspiration and creativity have been sparked! Fan those flames. It’s entirely possible that these opportunities are a little overwhelming, and you’re unsure where you should invest your time and energy. Once you focus on one of these cups, you won’t be able to go back and pick the others. Be realistic when you choose, because some of these opportunities might not be right for you. There are also schools of thought that peg the seven of cups as a card of escapism and possible alcoholism, so check in with yourself. Are you about to let real opportunity pass you by because you’re partying too hard? This is a card of temptation, afterall. Choose wisely and don’t half ass it.

Seven of Cups TMH

Seven of Cups Reversed

Not making a choice is also a choice. The seven of cups reversed is indicative of indecision (especially if you pair it with the two of swords, but more on that another time). Focus on what you really want, not what other people want for you. It’s also possible that none of the opportunities presented are really right for you right now. Maybe you’re finding it difficult to focus because all of your options seem so great, but it’s also possible you’re living in an outright fantasy land. Are you just chasing pipe dreams? Being an idea man is great, but without a plan you won’t get far. Make a plan beyond, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if…”. Reflect before you snack. ACT!

seven of cups ghetto tarot
This shall bring you honor and glory!

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