New moon Libra spread

Daily Draw: New Moon in Libra

The Astrology

For those out of touch with moon phases, the new moon is when the sun and moon are aligned which is why we can’t see the moon in the night sky. For astrologers and astrology enthusiasts, this means the sun’s energy and the moon’s energy are aligned in the same house and this month it’s Libra. So, if you are born today, you’re a double Libra. New moons also give all zodiac signs the chance to be born again and the new moon in Libra will be all about harmony, love, and balance.

I don’t actually know much about astrology, but I do love a good horoscope, and I like learning about what the stars supposedly have in store for us. Being a tarot reader, I should probably add astrology to my studies as they do go hand in hand. At the present, I put more stock in the cards than in the stars, but that’s because I think we are in control of our lives. The stars can affect us, but not rule us.

The Spread

I used the new moon in Libra spread put out by Biddy Tarot. I like Biddy Tarot because it’s an excellent site for beginners, and they have a lot of resources, and a great podcast.

These are the questions each card answers starting at the two of cups reversed and moving clockwise ending at the chariot reversed.

  1. Where can I bring more harmony into my life?⠀
  2. What can I do to balance my emotions?⠀⠀
  3. How can I create more beauty in my environment?⠀⠀
  4. What will help me feel at peace?⠀⠀
  5. How can I form strong bonds with others?⠀⠀
  6. What is my highest intention for my relationships? 
New moon Libra spread

Analysis- So what do these cards mean?

  1. To bring more harmony into my life, the two of cups is asking me to love and accept myself and honor the life I’m trying to create. 
  2. To balance my emotions, the nine of pentacles reminds me that I’m worth it and I have a lot to offer.
  3. In order to create more beauty in my environment, the eight of swords tells me I need to stop doubting in myself and thinking no one will care about what I’m doing in tarot. Let that negativity go! Some people won’t care! Who cares! The people who do will be with you. So do you!
  4. To feel at peace, the lovers (which is also my life path/birth card) reminds me that I have a lot of love to give, and I need to be proud of what brings me joy. Reading tarot brings me joy.
  5. The six of cups reversed indicates I can form strong bonds with others by having fun and connecting with interests and people from my past.
  6. The chariot reversed signals that my highest intention for my relationships is to love myself for who I am and to love others for who they are. Not everyone will support me or my ideas, but what matters is that I’m in alignment with what I want.
  7. The five of wands popped out during the shuffle and it isn’t a part of the original spread. When a card pops out, you pay attention to it. The five of wands is all about conflict. I’m conflicted sharing that I read tarot with people because I’m worried they’ll think I’m a giant weirdo- but honestly, that shouldn’t matter if I’m happy. Those fears stick with me, but I need to let that shit go. I’m good at this.


To bring balance and harmony live authentically, love yourself, and know you’re worth it. Not everyone will agree with you, but who cares! Forget those people! They’re a bunch of haters anyway. Those who do agree with you will stick with you and they are your people. Don’t be afraid of creating the life you want because we’ve only got one chance as far as we know. DO IT!

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