Moon in Pisces: Self Care

The moon is in Pisces this weekend heightening all the feels. Our focus should be on self care, but what the crap is “self care” anyway?

Self care is when you act in a way that promotes your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It looks different for everyone.

Maybe cleaning and organizing your space will enhance your calm and make you feel relaxed and accomplished. For some, rigorous workouts are the best self care. Come on let’s sweat, baby! Perhaps a glass of wine and a hot bubble bath with your favorite playlist on in the background is what you need to recharge. Self care is restorative and reduces anxiety. What activities make you feel balanced? What recharges you?

Self care is NOT grocery shopping alone- that’s a chore. It’s not pooping “alone” while your children claw at the bathroom door. Eating your feelings is not self care. Doing whatever everyone else wants to make them happy and avoid conflict, nope, not it. Self care is not momentary indulgence or splurging either.

Self care is about boundaries and routine. It is an intentional practice. Make time and space for you, and then KEEP DOING IT. It’s not selfish to nurture yourself, and this is something that should continue every day. You should try and hit all three categories: mental, physical, and emotional. (I’m a real slacker in the physical well-being department). Self care isn’t just a practice to focus on when the moon is in Pisces, the Pisces moon is just a great time to start.

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