Moon Phases

Moon Void-of-Course

The moon is an important component in astrology. It’s one of your “big three” signs (Sun, Moon, Rising) and represents your emotions. The moon’s placement in your chart shows what makes you feel secure. What are your deepest needs? How do you express yourself? How do you respond to others? All your emotions, conscious or unconscious, are ruled by your moon. The moon moves through the zodiac quickly, changing signs every two to three days, so it has a big effect on our daily mood. When the moon is void-of-course, that affects you too!

What’s void-of-course?

The moon void-of-course, or void moon, happens when the moon¬†makes its final aspect with another planet before changing signs. The moon rotates through all 12 zodiac signs during it’s 28 day cycle, so the moon might oppose Mars or sextile Jupiter while its in a sign, and these aspects affect our daily lives. The aspects last for a few hours and then the moon moves on. But when there are no more aspects to make, the moon is void-of-course, chilling on it’s own with no more planetary interactions before hopping signs. Usually the void moon only lasts a few hours, but sometimes it can be void for an entire day.

How does a “void moon” affect you?

Without the input of other planets, a void moon can make us feel hazy. Decision making can be tough, and we can become easily frustrated, or feel low-energy. Our ideas might be creative, but unrealistic, or our creativity can feel totally blocked. We’re just not efficient during a void moon.

So what should you do?

It’s best to focus on you during a void moon! Do a little self care. Read a book. Take a nap. Journal. Play videogames. Take a walk. Avoid starting new projects, although tying up loose ends is fine. Don’t work on things that require a lot of brain power if you can avoid it. No contract signing. Not a great time to go on a blind or first date either. Stick to your routine, and coast if you can. The best astro-advice during a void moon is to take it easy.

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