Tarot Reading with Clients

Tarot Clients

Every tarot reader is different. We fall into umbrella categories like intuitive readers, empathic readers, “psychic” readers etc., but each tarot reader you meet will have a different style and approach to their practice. It’s the same with clients. You may ask the same question as the person that just left my table, but your approach to the cards, and me, will be different. Your story will be different too. Tarot clients, in my experience, fall into two big categories: Those who engage with me, and those who don’t.

Tarot clients who engage

For me, tarot is a conversation. That’s why the Veil and Vow tagline is, “Let’s talk about you!” When a client sits with me and is eager to listen, eager to learn, and willing to talk with me about what they see too, then we’re in for a magical time. I’m a reader who asks questions of you based on what I’m seeing. You don’t have to answer, but if you do, the picture becomes clearer for both of us. You’ll leave with more insight and a deeper understanding of your situation. What you do with that information is up to you, but our time together will be productive.

Tarot clients who don’t engage

Sometimes clients will sit in front of me and I immediately get a sense of combative skepticism- almost like they don’t actually want to be there. I get being skeptical. I’m a skeptic too. That’s why one of the first things I’ll say is, “I’m not a psychic, and I’m not a medium.” This usually helps put people at ease, but sometimes people are just determined not to enjoy themselves. As woo woo as this sounds, the cards “working” or not has everything to do with your intentions. If you’re not ready to engage, don’t want to see anything, or are trying to debunk me or the process, then you’ll get exactly what you want- nothing. And you’ll have paid me for it! What a waste of your money and of my time. These people are energy sucks. Please don’t come to me if this describes you.

How to get the most out of your reading

  1. Come to a reader open to the process. It’s nice to have an open ended question in mind, but you don’t have to. I get curious people who just want to see what tarot is really like all the time. I usually just do a general reading about what’s happening in their life and we have fun talking together.
  2. Come to the cards with focus and intention. “I thought you said I don’t have to have a question!” You don’t, but if we’re talking about your life, you should think about it as you shuffle. If you shuffle and think of nothing, then you might get nothing in return. People ask me how the cards work, and as illogical as it sounds, the best answer is magic. I know. I know what I typed. But energy is real, you guys. Focus yours and you’ll get more.
  3. Find a reader you connect with. I’m not for everyone. I’m a teacher at heart. I like to walk people through each card, and tell them about all the possible meanings, and then walk them through their story at the end. Other readers will talk to you about spiritual presences they sense, or get exceptionally specific with your life. There’s also a chance that a reader could be a total scam artist- the 7 of wands is not about meeting a construction worker and falling in love. Also, you’re not cursed and you don’t need to pay for a special candle to lift the curse. Find someone you connect with and you’ll enjoy the process more.

Final thoughts

In the end, your attitude and intentions affect everything- but that’s true of anything in life. I can sit and tell you the traditional meanings of each card, and piece together a story, but it’s not really about what I see. It’s about what you see. Be an engaging client. Come to a tarot reader with your curiosity, be open to the process, and you won’t be disappointed.

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